Plants List
  Sandblast and Shotblast Plants  

SIRSI METALLISATOR S.r.l. designs, produces and trades automatic plants for surface cleaning and finishing

Standard shotblast machines, all types:

●rotary table
hanger and hoist
with automatic overhead conveyor
with motorized rollers for steel plates and profiles
continuous for steel wire and bars
Special automatic shotblast plants designed for particular
   cleaning purposes
Standard and special airblast plants

SIRSI METALLISATOR plants are mainly delivered to mechanical Companies in the following fields:

● metallurgy
heat treatment
steel structural works
nuclear and thermoelectric
  Hanger turbine shotblast units
  Turbine shotblast units for gas cylinders
  Turbine shotblast units for pipes
  Rolls turbine shotblast units for horizontal steel sheets
  Rotary table turbine shotblast units
  Automatic drum deflashing machines
  16 passing through turbines shotblast units for weld parts
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