Since then the SIRSI turbine shot-blasting machines have strongly contributed to the development of this sector, consequently anticipating the times and outdoing all limits and restrictions.
They have reached the maximum in output, and in carrying capacity in tonnage, as well as being very efficient in handling items and covering square meters in a given time.
The SIRSI turbine shot-blasting machines are currently in operation all over the world.

Nowadays, the SIRSI valves are successfully utilized in Italy, and in all countries of the EEC, in Russia, along the Mediterranean Coasts of Africa and in the central mines, in the Middle East, in the South-East Asia and China.
The SIRSI valves are famous for their endurance, durability and reliability i the harshest working conditions.

The first chairma and founder, Viscount Leonardo Cerini of Castagnate, ended his hardworking life as a businessman in October 1964 and his son Livio was appointed in his place.
Soon afterwards, the founder's grandson, with the same name Leonardo Cerini, actively began to run the company; today he is the Managing Director and General Manager.

The business company "SIRSI METALLISATOR" was born form the merger of two anonymous undertakings SIRSI and METALLISATOR, which took place on 28th September 1955.
The SIRSI had been established in Turin on 2nd April 1927 with quite a relevant capital of 1.150.000 Lira, divided between the two promoters Leonardo Cerini and Snia Viscosa. The former became the first chairman of the SIRSIn and the latter, the most famous Italian "rayon" producing manufacturer, founded by the well-known businessman Riccardo Gualino was in close business relations with important English and American companies in the same field.

Leonardo Cerini, often quoted in university text books of economics and business, was the holder of a world renowned patent for "press" caustic soda recycling in the rayon artificial silk industries.
Leonardo Cerini granted SIRSI the rights for world usage of said patent.
The société CERINI in Paris and The RACE Inc. in the USA were founded for the production of these plants.

The METALLISATOR ITALIANA S.r.l., founded in 1929 under the direct authorization of METALLISATOR A.G. in Berlin, began producing plants for cold metal spraying which required a complete sand-blasting of everything which needed metallizing.
Extraordinary photographic records of those years are available to show the high-tech level obtained and at the same time the variety of automatic and complex hardware machinery.
The METALLISATOR had been the only sand-blasting machinery producer until after the Second World War.

In 1939 the SIRSI began research work concerning a "pinch valve" based on lab tool known as "Hoffman's pincers".

At the end of the war, production, which had been slowed down, was resumed and the METALLISATOR began manufacturing turbine shot-blasting machines. The SIRSI, whose capital whose capital was entirely owned by the Cerini Family, resumed lab test research and launched on the market a new series of coupling-valves whose producton started in the early 50s.
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